Originating after always finding myself in a void between fashion and art, I wanted to express myself through the creation of experimental pieces unhampered by categorization of either field. I achieved this by mixing artists materials such as the artists' stretcher, canvas and linen materials with creative pattern cutting and tailoring to producing wearable canvas frames which can equally be hung from the wall like a traditional artwork.

Artistically, inspirations came from Performance Artists and Abstract Expressionists. Particularly the performance artist Günter Brus. Whos work, along with other conceptual artists of the time, provided great challenges for the arts, disrupting its value within a commercialised contemporary gallery system, the emphasis was not on aesthetics but intellectual value. Specifically drawing inspiration from his series of Self-Painting/ Self-Mutilation performance works, Brus directly painted onto his own body turning himself into a living piece of art. Abstract Expressionists, particularly the works of Mark Rothko and my grandfather, Reginald Williams were also great inspirations.

Fundamentally this collection is a celebration of conceptual art/fashion and its ability to break down walls and not just between art and fashion, for all of life is open to them. Such creators will continue to tell us that there is no need for a person to simply be “a fashion designer”, “an artist”, “a performer”. They show us this out of the most ordinary of things, but from this ordinariness will emerge spectacle allowing us to question what was once silenced. And we will continue to be horrified or captivated whilst critics will continue to be appalled or amazed.