With focus on construction and detail, Dylan Leung is a first year Fashion Design with Marketing student at Central Saint Martins.

Growing up in between the UK and Hong Kong, Dylan’s current inspiration is largely influenced by personal experiences and family heritage. Coming from a family of academics, he aims to reflect their narrative in a medium he is passionate about; communicating his take on their interests through garment construction.

Dylan’s projects are always technically driven, he is constantly exploring ways to realise his concepts through unique and innovative pattern cutting and techniques to form a persuasive narrative.

This project addresses multiple aspects of his family heritage while also referencing modern issues such as the controversy surrounding The British Museum’s ‘ownership’ of stolen artefacts. With roots in Hong Kong, Dylan takes inspiration from his grandfather’s life work thermoluminescence-dating ancient Chinese ceramics. Following this intial concept he touches on the discovery and colonisation of Hong Kong by the British Empire. This led to a more comical, literal visualisation of a British soldier smuggling pots under his coat (referencing the British Empire’s history of piracy and looting). This concept was then realised with use of pattern cutting and fabric manipulation.