Eden Keshia promotes the notion of an extra-ordinary wardrobe, which is filled only with the most significant, lasting garments. Adorned with hand-rendered intricacies, the fashion & bridal label focused on hand-painted details, bespoke embroidery and tactile embellishments. Embroidery and bead work reflect the story behind each piece, made in-house in the atelier.

Eden's theatrical background influences the creation of dramatic, editorial style pieces with a sense of exoticism. Designs are constructed on a made-to-order basis with a minimal waste outlook, using sustainable practises and materials. An assiduous design process which starts with a sketch soon develops into high-quality creations to be treasured forever.

Stellify Bridal collection:

'Stellify - to change or be changed into a star.' Eden’s latest bridal collection is based on characters derived from Greek Mythology. Each look is inspired by a Grecian Goddess, with additional design details inspired by some of Eden's closest friends. Scriptures and storytelling of Greek myths allowed Eden to imagine each Goddess in the collection from her own perspective, echoing the concept of bespoke design in Eden's Couture bridal service. Each design is unique, each stitch made in-house in the atelier and represents the diversity and ever-evolving concept of non-traditional bridalwear. With Eden's signature embellishments, hand-painted florals and embroidered personalisations, the collection manifests a focus on fashion, breaking trends, and an undeniable feel of ethereal, glamourous energy.

Heirloom Bridal collection:

A catalogue of carefully curated bridal gowns from a plethora of eras makes up Eden's Heirloom Bridal Collection. Actively challenging the usual wear-once commercialism of the Bridal industry, this collection exhibits wedding attire; reimagined. Each piece has been carefully selected by Eden herself, and deconstructed to be made up again as your dream dress. Signature embroidered monograms and sentimental details accentuate these already unprecedented gowns, adding sentimentalism and maintaining a sustainable process. Slow fashion is the epitome of Eden’s label, and this collection continues to evolve with a garment's history and future in mind.