With a narrative that stems from the journey of Indonesia batik to the heart of its modern society, Charmain jewellery collection explores the evolution of Indonesia batik through history in terms of technique, pattern, production and consumption.

He gives a new life into the thousand years tradition by transforming what once a two-dimensional waxing technique on top of fabric into a three-dimensional jewellery object, emphasizing on the sustainability and survivability aspect of Indonesia handcrafted batik in this machine production era.

Co-designing and collaborating with his local filigree master-craftsman from Kota Gede, Charmain has invented a new filigree technique rooted in the traditional way of making.

During this process, Charmain also developed a new set of pattern that he used to form the jewellery collection by combining motifs found in Indonesia traditional batik pattern with structures from insects, plants and buildings. More than just decorative elements that formed the collection, this new sets of pattern hold a symbolic meaning of “life” behind It.

Recycled sterling silver has been chosen to build the body of work due to its malleable and light characteristic. This material offers a voluminous yet light Jewellery collections that express the organic movement and delicate qualities found in handcrafted batik.

The whole collection is composed of 16 items (9 of 16 are shown below), which as a whole tells the story of life, death and rebirth.