Elhana Idrizovic is a recently graduated women’s fashion designer based in Austria/BiH. She holds a BA in Fashion Design from the Fashion Design Institute Düsseldorf and is currently in pursuit of MA in Fashion Management at Rome Business School. Previously, she has worked with Erdem as a pattern cutting intern, and just recently she launched her first collection ‘Femina’ for sale in stores and online. 

Hana, how her friends call her, has always been deeply connected to her parents’ birthplace, a tiny town Bugojno, in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Summers spent at her grandma’s have continuously inspired her to learn about vast local history and tradition which became deeply engraved into her fashion direction





Her craftsmanship and signature aesthetic are very obviously built on Bosnian symbols, motives and customs. The patterns inspired by the traditional costumes, the large meadows of wildflowers, and bold cuts that challenge local patriarchy are what makes Hana’s fashion so uniquely bold. She puts in play modern times with traditional values, she uses the remaining stock of upholstery fabric from a local furniture factory, combines un-combinable, and turns a man’s traditional blouse into a modern mini dress with a big frill in the front.

‘Merak’ collection, as its names suggest, additionally portrays Hana’s desire, a yearning for a balance between how she lives today and where she comes from. The constant battle between the two is represented best by the materials she uses - a combination of the upholstery fabric and shiny details symbolizes a self-development and self-reflection of her persona. The big and voluminous ruffles represent the richness of her character – a beautiful, strong, bold young professional raised on traditional moral codes.