Illustrations are the most important step in the development of the NILEMLOH collections. As the colours and prints are directly put onto the garments once finished, there’s only one chance to reach the desired result. Therefore, the illustrations give the designer the opportunity to plan ahead and visualize the final result of each piece in relation to another. The Printograms collection which is the first complete collection utilizing this technique is a mash-up of luxurious vintage, romantic lace, muddy colour tones and a touch of rough rave aesthetics.

For the dyeing process the UV-light of the sun is used to fixate colour instead of electrical power. This makes it a sustainable alternative to the common techniques used in the industry. Also, the form of which the print is produced onto, is no longer limited to the parameters of regular fixation equipment. It opens the possibility to print directly onto more elaborate garments and achieve even more unique aesthetics. By printing onto the garments and not on the fabric also means that the process is wasting less dye. The designer only uses dye and garments that are made up of natural fibres which are not hazardous to the aquatic organisms. The process also require very little water for one 40 degrees washing.

Before and after images of the lace-printed genuine leather jumpsuit and genuine leather trench. The leather in all NILEMLOH collcetions is chrome-free, locally produced or second hand sourced.