Grief, the journey through it and the feeling of fragility were the themes of Elin’s project. After losing her father four years ago she naturally experienced a variety of emotions. As a result, her personal experience sparked an interest in grief. Elin began by researching into how we as a society approach grief and additionally express our grief. She not only wanted the project to focus on the hardships that you face during grief but also the importance of celebrating the life of the individual that you have lost.

Elin’s research was heavily focused on mixed media collage which allowed me to explore layering and the mixing of colours. In addition to this her father’s personal collection of photography was at the heart of her research and would later be incorporated within her knitting. During the development process focusing on creating a colour and textural palette that would represent the imagery that inspired her project initially was the starting point. The purpose of this was to emulate the colour chart that was created through choosing colours that represented the emotions in which she experienced. In order to translate this into textiles, Elin began combining textural lambswool and softer cottons. This successfully allowed her to create a collection that had a painterly feel to them, much like her research.

The theme of grief runs throughout the collection, yet each textile represents a combination of emotions, techniques and welsh literature that is of importance. The combination of techniques such as embroidery and tapestry allowed Elin to have the freedom to work with found poetry and the welsh language. This resulted in a collection that shared her personal journey of grief and allowed her to express the concept of the fading of her father after his death, whilst gaining a sense of clarity.