Influenced by art compositions and light studies, Ruhe tells a story of self-reflection with an emphasis of light. Through various layers, panelling, and colour choices, this Ready-to-Wear collection aims to achieve an empowering yet calming aura. Ruhe expresses self-fulfilment and the recognition of one’s strength.

Elisa Gentile collaborated with artist and friend, Rue Grewal to create a painting that captured the essence of the collection. Art is always a focal point in the designer's process and influences most pieces created. When releasing the collection it was important for the designer to display a visual for this collection, helping to evoke the feeling of calmness. This paining is seen on few accessories within the collection.

This Ready-to-Wear collection is the designer's first full made to order collection. With a strong artistic direction, this collection pushes the boundaries from ready-to-wear toward couture. All fabric and materials for this collection were locally sourced and self fabrics were chosen from a collection of deadstock materials. Fabric selection and attention to detail are at the forefront of our process, ensuring that each piece is made to perfection with the highest degree of quality. All pieces are handmade in the designer's studio, resulting in a made to order collection.

Ruhe focuses on the contrast of colours and fabrics. Bridging together various fabric choices has always been a signature of the designer's. Combining structured textures with soft fabric, this collection achieves its bold yet calming narrative. Silhouettes follow a long and straight look, with occasional pleating and shaping. Small button detailing throughout the collection, adds a feminine appeal to the straight silhouette. The campaign was made to highlight these differences, combining natural lighting with studio lighting.

Above are six of the twelve looks that capture the essence of the collection and the art direction behind the theme.