Elisa’s collection ‘Dead Ocean Economy’ focuses on oceanic pollution and the chain reaction of events caused by the corruption behind it. With the illusion of water in the garments and the chains holding each piece, Elisa wanted to symbolize the close connection between the oceanic destruction, which stands still on a body, and the corruption causing it, holding it tight and not allowing it to move. Moreover, for her definitive shooting, in the hope that social distancing will no longer be a problem soon enough, Elisa plans to cover the models’ hands in black paint, contributing to the symbols she uses to describe the negative impacts that human actions have towards nature.

Her designing process started from the question she asked herself: ‘if you drop plastic in the ocean, where does it end up?’ , which led her to look at ocean currents and the so-called gyres, large systems of rotating ocean currents, known to collect pollutants. Her designing journey started from there, also bringing her to look at world maps and the beautiful uneven shapes that the land and water form together, which she decided to work on, creating unique designs.

Since part of the designing process also means understanding what works and what doesn’t, Elisa went through various experimentation processes with different materials, which led her to the final design process, creating sculptural wet-like designs.