Elise Keeling’s graduate collection ‘Pretty Ugly Festival’ was influenced by gathered research from music festivals she went to, festival camping installation she set up, that developed the primary research she needed to create and design prints. Elise wanted to create a collection that used both photography and experimental drawing to show off her personal print design style, as well as her love for bright colour and collage. Her collection is based around a bright colour palette that’s inspired by the brightness and energy of a music festival.

Using collage, detailed drawing and photography she has created a collection that draws you in. The page above shows a selection of home installation photographic documentation of what a festival grounds and tents look like. Using these, Elise drew from them, created collages with them then scanned them into Photoshop to be cleaned up, altered and further developed into prints to be either printed digitally onto fabrics or screen printed onto recycled sleeping bags and other recycled materials.

Elise’s research, was gathered by using her memory, and previous photos that were taken at a summer festival she went to the previous year. She created scans of her and her friends faces, that expressed the look of being intoxicated and under the influence of the party life at a festival. These were used frequently in her print designs. She also used old sleeping bags and tents to drape with on the mannequin to help her with her silhouette ideas.

Elise focused on how she could really portray her message through the silhouettes of her outfits with using the draping recycled sleeping bags and tents on the mannequin to explore the look of being wrapped up in sleeping bags at a festival, inspired by other designers who explored this oversized and layered clothing look.

Focusing on her outfit 1, she uses reused, recycled large POD sleeping bags, unpicks them apart to use the fabric to screen print onto, then puts them back together. Look 1 is made up of large oversized screen printed (flock) recycled sleeping bag trousers, a flared arm sleeves and bandeau dye sublimation top, and a large recycled screen printed clipped sleeping bag over the top.

Elise’s outfit 2 she created to look like you are surrounded in trash, to really display the message of being chocked up in waste and rubbish at a festival, and to portray the message of everything being not recycled and just left there.