Elisha Corinne’s debut collection titled ‘The Lost Boys’ came from her interests into travel and exploration of new places. Shackleton’s famous Antarctic voyage first inspired this story with influence from the equipment, clothing and surrounding environments. This influenced Elisha to look into historic and modern day fishermen. Wanting to make her collection more personal, Elisha interviewed a couple of men who were fishermen in her local area of Bristol. Which led her to The Black Rock heritage site in Wales.

During the design development process Elisha wanted to distort the normal shapes and silhouettes of garments. Enlarging and folding trousers and classic shirts then pairing these with fisherman inspired silhouettes creating a well-considered collection. Elisha developed her collection by combining different fabrics such as twills and oilskins with original bold check designs. Wanting to add more texture to her line up, Elisha incorporated hand knitted cable textiles with ragged fringing. Influenced by traditional Guernsey jumpers and fishing knots, creating a modern take on perfected cable knits. For this collection, Elisha created classic sou’wester hats in her own prints and water resistant oilskins to elevate particular looks in her collection.

From visiting The Black Rock heritage site in Wales and collecting original materials and research, this informed and inspired the majority of Elisha’s bold colour palette, texture, prints and silhouettes. ‘The Lost Boys’ being clear representation of Elisha’s personality as a designer, mixing ready-to-wear garments with show pieces creating a visually strong yet wearable collection.