Elisia Seaward’s Masters collection ‘The Undone Woman’ was influenced by the idea of a woman feeling freedom in her clothing. Drawing research from the undressing and deconstruction of clothing. Elisia wanted to create a technical collection that is can transition from one silhouette to another. The wearer is able to stylise and undo each garment to a point that her body feels free with continious invisible zips, concealed by hand made piping. Elisia also uses a very tonal colour pallette influenced by her research images and to not distract away from the level of technical detail in each piece.

Elisia uses drape work and garment deconstruction to explore and create her collection silhouettes. Piping and invisible zips are also used to give structure to each opening.

A raw edge has been kept along the zipped seams to portray the idea of each piece being ripped open by the wearer, to allow for freedom of the body.
Here is Elisia’s masters collection line up, consisting of 6 looks, all able to transition from their original state. Each panel is bagged out and hand-lined so that when the garment is undone, a clean inside is revealed. Elisia’s fluid unzipped openings were influences by the curves of the female form and the act of deconstructing garments in order to free the body. She has used a mixture of natural fabrics from silk, wool and cotton suiting along with upcycled shoes.