Diaspora explores dual identity; inspired by my lived experience as a South Korean raised in Australia from the age of eight. The collection blends the ease of beachwear with the precision of tailoring.

The formal element of this collection is inspired by my family history; meeting my roots with my coastal upbringing. In this way, the pieces attempt to reconnect to a lineage that can feel distanced through a diasporic lens. I am inspired in part by my grand-uncle, Moon Byung Ji, who was a pioneer of western tailoring in South Korea. He is also a man I have never met.

By paying homage to the intermingling roots of my identity, I aim to contribute to diversifying representation of Asian women in today’s western media. This offers up a challenging image of the Asian female, that refuses to be understood in only one way. Instead, we are asked to view a full picture of ever-evolving intersections.