Ella Fletcher’s work was inspired by Greek architecture she saw whilst travelling. She was particularly attracted to the way different architectural features also cast interesting shadows. This concept of positive and negative space found in architectural forms became a primary focus during the drawing stage. Much of Fletcher’s drawings contrast light and dark shapes and explore the interaction of positive and negative space.

During development, Ella cut up pre-existing knitwear to get a quick idea of shape and use of structure. This method acted as an immediate indicator of drape and structure without wasting time knitting herself. From these she could see what ideas she may take forward when heading to knit her own designs on the machine. This meant she could get creative about what effect she wanted to achieve without yet worrying about the constraints of knit.

From her initial drawings, Ella created digital files to be knitted on a toll machine. These digital files play around with the different structures that create springy fabrics and change when the structure is stretched. These textiles become bouncy fabrics that come to life when worn.