Ella is based in London and is pursuing BA Textile Design at Central Saint Martins and has completed the Art and Design foundation course at the same uni. She has always worked very much with her feelings and believes the concept or story behind her work comes naturally as her ideas collect together to create a whole.

The themes Ella often explores in her collections is that of energy and freedom.

Ella’s collection can be described as a visual diary, using real photographs of day-to-day life plus colour and line to portray inner feelings.

Ella intentionally worked without a plan (or safety net) at the outset of this project and this is key as it creates outcomes that surprise her which of course allows them, in turn, to surprise and delight others. She works very much from an emotional base, responding and releasing whatever her body leads her too.  For other's, Ella's method might feel haphazard, dangerous even, but Ella knows her mind well and is comfortable in the knowledge that the physical and metaphorical threads will come together as she finds links between thoughts like a puzzle that form from the darkness.