For Ellee Dean, the ‘Atlantis’ collection was inspired by marine animals and concentrated on the beauty of the deep, because our oceans are threatened by the accumulation of plastic, which is causing marine animals to die by suffocation and ingestion of plastic. She concentrates on the creation of digital drawings from a collection of marine animal designs.

This was the starting point of the project to create detailed drawings of marine animals to start creating repeated patterns and motifs for her work.

From there, Ellee starts to make quick miniatures to give her ideas for motifs and show the results of her sketches and designs on CAD development.

This was one of Ellee's presentation boards depicting what her digital design would look like as a silk scarf, discussing her process and her views on design, in addition to displaying its logo as a potential business idea and colour scheme. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, Ellee was not able to make a photo shoot of her collection of silk scarves when they were eventually developed, instead, her work was presented online with her design process.