This collection by YOU.LOVE.iii explores the subheadings of FUCK YOU, FUCK ME, and LOVE THY SELF. it is a journey through the female psche creating visual representations of horniness and sexuality. Starting with a film exploring femininity and different silhouettes of interest surrounding the female body- causing alterations to the shapes of skin and highlighting features.

During the process of experimenting with materials YOU.LOVE.iii focused on exploring sanitary towels as a wearable material, creating large shapes and casts out of silicone for several of the pieces such as the cream amd the penis headpiece. This collection tackles the taboos of femininity in society and the complex feelings of self love. Delving into the taste, smell and touch of lust. Creating menstruation warriors to represent the secrecy and misconceptions of periods and a lifelike cream as a metaphor for the male gaze.

Each piece represents a different aspect of femininity and a womans palce in society - through a frantic looking glass in which the desires become creatures. YOU.LOVE.iii uses a mixture of both covered and uncovered pieces to highlight how lust is not always so explicit. Each piece has a political message of its own.