A term spent living and studying in Kyoto, Japan, has had a profound influence on Ellen Martin’s practice as a print designer. During her stay, she gathered research for her graduate collection at The Glasgow School of Art, while learning specialist Japanese resist-dyeing techniques at Kyoto Seika University.

Ellen has a considered approach to the design process, applying her eye for detail at every stage. She uses a combination of techniques to produce textile designs that are precisely executed and have a refined use of colour.

The Kyoto collection includes screen-printed cotton, hand-cut and bonded onto organza to create a three-dimensional, geometric textile. In contrast, silk and bamboo were digitally printed with pleat and fold patterns to give the illusion of three-dimensionality. These are complimented with samples of Katazome, a Japanese resist-dyeing method, which has been used to create simplified patterns. Together they form a versatile collection of printed and dyed textiles, suitable for fashion, accessories and items for the home.