Emanuele Bianco´s collection takes inspiration from the harvesting gestures of women of Sardinia, the island the designer comes from. Those women were part of a rural society that has now disappeared. There is therefore a sort of nostalgia and maybe a sense of escapism from the environment we live in today. The aim of the designer for this collection was to celebrate these women and remember their hard work under the fields.

Emanuele´s research started with their voluminous silhouette and the way they used to wear their apron. The silhouette process involved the movement of the apron on the body, and incorporated some gestures such as the lifting of the apron when the women where ready to harvest. The result is a series of new contemporary silhouettes.

Emanuele´s design process involve an accurate analysis of the lines, symmetry and balance that has to reflect his personal approach to the making of the pattern pieces that will form the garment.

A strong development of textiles has been crucial in the making of the collection. The designer incorporated leftover fabrics from donations and charity shops, and has been hand embroidering them onto the garments to create unique artisanal pieces, echoing the natural environment those rural women used to live in.