Emilia Naylor- Brown’s collection was inspired by her research into Visual and Physical Movement through looking at the dynamic, adaptability of Biomorphic forms, through sculptures, architecture and multifunctional furniture and how light interacts with these, as a natural adaptable form that creates a visual change. Which inspired Emilia to create a collection that explores light and movement that transforms into pieces on a smaller scale for the body.

During the process of designing her Demi- Fine Jewellery pieces, Emilia developed her jewellery collection by continuously working on the body to contour the different areas with a graduating line of oval wire that is comfortable, secure, and aesthetically pleasing. For this collection, Emilia has designed a range of sculptural jewellery pieces that transform from Visual movmement in the earpieces, through their biomorphic forms and contrast in colour-changing gemstones that develop into physical movement in the multiform ear pieces and further physical change in the Shift collection, through their curved, interlocking continuous forms that allow the piece to transform.

The collection has a flow from visual change to physical change from the ear pieces through to interchangeable pieces gradutating in scale in her Shift Collection of interlocking Rings, Bangles and Headpieces, that allows the wearer to choose how to wear the piece. Each piece has a unique continous form and gemstone combination that highlights the bodie contours, as well as highlight or contrast the scultural forms of the pieces. Resulting in a collection that has a ambiguity to it.