Emily BOWDEN is a recently graduated Women & unisex designer based in The Black Country, who specializes in oversized silhouettes with gathered textures and layers.

Emily studied at Coventry University for the past four years where her style began to develop and she became more conscious about what materials she was sourcing and the most creative way to use them. All of the fabrics from her collection were either deadstock from online UK companies or from independent small businesses.

The project concept came to light throughout lockdown was formed throughout lockdown during which we were metaphorically cocooned in our own environments; She wanted to convey the different stages throughout the process which lead to transformation at the end.

Emily showcased this idea by developing my garments in a way that carries elements from my primary images focusing predominantly on the butterfly emerging from the cocoon because it is the main concept which demonstrates metamorphosis. The collection targets those who want to express their personal transformations in life and to celebrate their growth through vibrant, ethereal iridescent colours.