Derived from personal experiences and catastrophic happenings of individuals, Emily’s Final Major Project explores injustices experienced by male youths in her hometown of Runcorn, Cheshire. Lack of motivation, opportunities and funding in a small working-class town can promote young generations to move towards radical means to make ends meet. Conversations, frustrations and arguments of those groups are expressed through local graffiti writings on exterior walls, creating an urban story. This became the basis of her subject matter, creating conversational print pieces- directed towards a menswear denim and outerwear collection, that can also be fluctuated into womenswear.

The concept of heat and burning became the frontal concept of Emily’s textile processes, with the successful experimentation of flame retardant fluid under intense heat, working as a mark making medium. Intertwining with vinyl cutting and layering. Thermochromic figurative imagery created by infrared photography, presents depersonalisation of the project’s special characters, Emily’s younger sibling.

This project has sustainability at its forefront, with the upcycling process of discarded denim and cotton garment pieces. Revival and renewal of materials echo the project’s narrative- 'adaptation', 'transformation', and the maturity of studied individuals. Reflected on a chameleon-based approach represented through camouflage aesthetic.