With a passion for Haute Couture self-designed printed and embellished garments so sparkly you will need your sunglasses to gaze upon them, Emma Charlotte Ramsden is a Womenswear designer based in the United Kingdom.

Whilst studying Fashion Design and Technology Womenswear at Manchester Metropolitan University she created depicted her inner soul, desires and decadence within my Final Collection. “Life is about living and loving. I believe women have a unique opportunity to emulate their life and spirit in the garments they wear. An opportunity to reveal their inner glamour and femme fatale.” The true breathtaking Haute Couture Hand-Embellished Gold Sequinned Baby Doll Dress and printed tights were showcased at London Graduate Fashion Week 2018.

Her inner compassions illustrated through every inch of delicate, silky satin and  rainbowed organza extravagantly designed printed fabric through the art of collage, taking inspirational reference from 1930’s Old Hollywood to 1970’s Biba and depicting 1970’s Vogue archive editorial shoots featuring the most exotic locations from Moroccan mountain tops to opulent interiors amongst original floral photography. Each collaged pattern pieces depicting a fragment of the designer’s personality, providing a sneak-peek into her lavish dreams of lounging on pink velvet chaise longue draped in water falling layers of lavish crystallised jewellery, smelling fragrant pink roses whilst sipping brightly coloured, playful cocktails. Her designs radiate confidence, showing the world her most magnificent self, whilst, the fabrication emulates her dainty, flora persona. Embellishments constructed from delicate hues of powder pinks, taupe, gold, crystals, pearls and beading describing her soft nature encircle the contrasting bright pink giant gems, jewels and sequins intricately hand-stitched onto gold hanging sequin fabric and printed satin complementing the silhouettes of the garments. The oversized bright pink floral hand-stitched embellishments add a luscious statement to the lovingly hand-constructed garments. The ultimate inner designer goddess is radiated through the collection, so shimmering that sunglasses are needed to gaze upon the final garments. The designer envisions Paloma Faith fashioning the embellished pieces. The gold sequinned jumpsuits and dresses swaying to every poised movement of a live performance. The sequins dancing and loving life as much as the wearer within.