‘MINT’ is a collection which delves into Birmingham’s industrial heritage. ‘MINT’ takes inspiration from the traditional metal work techniques which helped to establish world renowned industries in the city. Key metal work processes used in Chain making, Jewellery manufacture, Birmingham Coin Mint and Birmingham Coffin Works prompted the development of construction and surface manipulation techniques in this project, including laser cutting and embossing.

Each constructed textile piece sits along side a co-ordinating print which explores the visual landscape of Birmingham. The digitally printed aspect of this collection takes inspiration from buildings such as the Bullring and Rotunda, along with the metal clad architecture of the inner city and Jewellery Quarter.

The use of surplus leather and the material byproducts of textile processes has brought a sustainable, circular design element to this collection. This is particualrly evident in the embroidery samples. Copper strips used in the emboss process were woven into these samples. This incorporated both material and process research simultaneously. ‘MINT’ fully explores visual elements of Birmingham’s rich material and industrial heritage in both 2D and 3D textiles.