About Yada

What is the meaning of the name ESPIÈGLE?

It is the french word for ‘Playful’. I chose it because I felt it was a good interpretation of my designs. They have a childlike quality and are happy to live.

Is there a story behind this hat?
This is from the S/S14 embroidery mushroom hat series, The Snooker’s Gift. The idea comes from a book about mushrooms, which I found very enchanting. It’s a fairytale that tells a story about a wizard who likes to send gifts to everyone at midnight. Her favourite item to send is her own special mushrooms, so it was from there that I started to create a hat about mushroom.

Are your hats handmade?

Yes. For example, with the mushroom hat, I first did the screen printing and then the embroidery. Moving on, to shape the whole hat I made a small model first. Then I laser cut the wood to model the final version. The whole process is completely handmade, that particularly one took me nearly three weeks.

Another example is my S/S15 Fruit Series. The inspiration for this collection came from studying in the UK. The shape of the headdress was made from a mould of fruit and everything was hand sewn. In order to enhance the headdress and make it more fun I chose my own colour and then dyed it so each fruit is a different shade.

Can beauty be put into life?
Of course it can. Although many people still have reservations about hats you can’t deny that they are interesting and give a lot of personality. They allow us to give off confidence and feel happy, which enhances your beauty naturally.