You can easily spot Xin Wen from a crowded group of people. Her retro vibe and extravagant look sets her apart from the rest. She walks in wearing her handcrafted hair ornaments, insect shaped earrings, a long skirt, holding a black cat in her arms.

She called her brand Espiègle as it is the French word for ‘playful.’ Her designs have a childlike essence to them, which she feels resembles a happy life. Her ideas are often exaggerated, holding no restrains when it comes to creativity. She likes to combine a retro feel with a touch of elegance to create her collections, giving them that one of kind feel.

"Snooker Gift" Hat Series
This collection was inspired by Xin’s trip to Barcelona. When in a bookstore she came across a fairytale in which the main character gives out mushrooms at midnight. While visiting a museum there she loved her large sculptures and the send of 3D hierarchy they gave off, similar to how a blanket works, which is why she decided to embroider the mushrooms onto her designs.

Fruit Series Hat Production Process
After graduating, the idea of making a hat still seemed quite intense so she went to London to continue her studies and learn the tradition English methods of creating handmade hats. In order to commemorate her time in the UK, Xin created this series and used the techniques she had learnt to design the collection.

Bee Hat Series Xin used hundreds of small bees to decorate the hats, earrings and hair bands in this collection. The bee headdress was made for one of her friends weddings to create a more interesting look for the bride.


Xin brought back what she learnt from the UK when she returned home. This gave her a strong advantage in the hat industry as she could create new things that people hadn’t seen before. A few days ago, a 60 year old woman bought one of her hats, proving that her designs have no age limit, it just depends on the persons style.