Fa Lai’s graduate collection ‘Generation Sad’ was inspired by the movie ”The Lobster” and the art of Francis Bacon. Today’s young generation are experiencing contradictions and dystopia. They figured out sometimes reality is more absurd than fiction. Fa’s designs aim to encapsulate the confusion and emotion experienced as they navigate society.

There are silky polyester, fully drawn yarn, resin fiber & nylon and PVC, contrasting with the usual suit fabric. Two prints are inspired by Francis Bacon's paintings. One is from portraits of himself and his lover, made by pixelated erotic images from social media. Another one is a four color jacquard knit fabric. Fa used pull rings and second-hand fabric as design material since it can show the relationship of the young generation with fast culture and communicate a feeling of dystopia.

Fa’s design details show confusion; things are shown that supposed to be hidden; things that are supposed to be shown are hidden, trimming use hook and eye, recycled ring pulls, and old buttons. Cuttings have cut out and curved lines referring to Francis Bacon's painting.

This is Fa’s final collection line up. Due to the corona virus pandemic, Fa was only able to create looks three and five of his collection.