Fang Areeratchakul’s collection ‘Of a space’ was inspired by her collection of photographs of the unplanned beauty, the beauty of which already exists until being noticed by a soul. She always record subjects around her with photography and slowly built collections of them . The project explored the serendipitous beauty of ' the ambiguity between the space and its occupants ', questioning the boundaries and existence of subjects in each particular area.

Using traditional drawing method to capture the atmospheric quality of such state through subtle change of colours and delicate textures . The moment was then translated and developed into different possible forms.

Elements and details from research were incorporate with colour grediation arranged into composition before manipulating the complete textiles collection. Silk and mohiar were chosen as the main yarn choice to compliment the dreamy and vague quality of the design.

Stripes and curvey lines with movements were printed together on smooth and soft suface with a touch of 3D textures for contrasting yet harmonizing effect. The collection of both woven and printed textiles were put together, exhibiting the serendipitious beauty of the mundane as a whole.