The design process begins compiling inspiration, this is done through mood boarding. Its an essential part of the design process as it informs and directs the outcome and style of the prints. Images can be found online, in books, on TV or Farah turns to the primary sources which is the array of traditional clothing collected over the years.

he artwork for the prints is then drawn in pen so that it is clear and crisp when scanned digitally. Most of the details to the drawings are added at this stage, the concept and the colouring is decided at this moment as well. Also, the amount of prints created and the number of elements needed for each print is decided at this point.

Once all artwork scanned in, it is cleaned of any mistakes or unwanted marks left behind. Most of the artwork is drawn in parts, with work this detailed Farah wanted it to be in perfect symmetry. Therefore, once the elements are cleaned, they are then mirrored and merged together in one layer to complete the motif. The image is then coloured and then put into its final pattern.

The prints are not designed as a repeat, there are a lot of complicated elements and motif that Farah likes to map out the placement first and then put them in repeat. This is done to create a movement and simplify the designing process, its also easier to see the artwork as a whole rather than in a repeat block. Services are offered to create the print in a repeat block.