Farrah Highton’s 2018 graduate collection ‘Controlled Chaos’ focuses on turning chaos into control. The collection reflected Farrahs’s mental health through her final year of studying, her perfectionaist personality and ideal of comfort and luxury through juxtopositions. Farrah explored an array of traditional knitting techniques and surface pattern design to portray textures relating to emotions and feelings her collection was driven by.

By collating imagery relating to chaos, healing, strong vs. weak she created collages to build inspiration for her knitwer development and colour palette which consisted of gradient tones. Farrah sampled with over 100 yarns to understand their structure and balance in finger knitting, domestic machine knitting, crochet, hand knitting and dubbed knitting - showing passion for displaying a wide variety of techniques that are accessible to us.

This is Farrah’s final collection line up. She created 6 looks and displayed her collection at Graduate Fashion Week 2018 in London. The collection is made from sustainably sourced yarns, linen, silk woven fabrics. Controlled Chaos shows super oversized silhouettes with exagered cosy knits and a dradual colour palette.