In times when ‘unpredictability is the new normal’, industries have no choice but to overcome external challenges and adapt to the changing industrial landscape in order to remain relevant. Universities, as the ultimate creators of the future educated workforce, therefore possess a particularly crucial function. In order to “keep up” with various industrial innovations, schools are in real need to tailor their curriculums to keep their students from becoming disconnected from their industries upon graduating. Fashion has not been an exception to this phenomenon, as this multi-billion industry has found itself at the forefront of new challenges such as maintaining sustainability and excess labour due to development in artificial intelligence.

Yet, however an attractive prospect that might first appear to be, is it always the best choice to give out your talents and ideas to an established brand, as opposed to working under your own name?

The main ethos of our presentation was the power of the dream. Just like many successful entrepreneurs in the world, our Founder and Managing Director Since Wang first commenced her journey with nothing other than a dream:

Our overall impression from the talented undergraduate designers we have been honored to meet was genuinely very positive. Upon the talk, we were pleasantly thrown back by the response, as we noticed the solid determination and proactivity these gifted young fashion students were exhibiting. We are excited to witness the organic development of their own style, as they slowly but surely evolve to become the major players of the fashion industry.

As these promising fresh talents become the cornerstone of the fashion industry in the not so distant future, it is our desire in Fashion Crossover London to work hand in hand with them after they graduate from the academy. Through the showcasing and marketing capability of our online platform, we strongly believe in the entrepreneurial spirit towards which we support these talented graduates, as they are the shining beacons in the uncharted water of the future.