In March 2018, following the successful industry talk at Istituto Marangoni from the previous year, our Founder and Managing Director of Fashion Crossover London, Since Wang was invited by the school again to make a presentation at its London campus as part of its Industry Exchange. Founded in Milan in 1935, Istituto Marangoni is a private Italian school of fashion and design, and became a Scuola Professionale Artistica "professional art school" in 1942. The establishment has gained enormous reputation in the global fashion industry.

Since Wang gave a speech titled "The Power of Dream". The speech provided a detail account of her journey through the creation of the Fashion Crossover platform, from the point of inception, to the establishment of the website, to attracting designers from various backgrounds and then having their products involved in various major events across the globe. The speech has undeniably enlightened the minds of many, as Since shared the secret qualities of any successful entrepreneur: passion and persistence. According to Since, any entrepreneur must possess these two critical qualities, in order for him or her to endure and overcome any commercial hardships in the predatory environment of the business world. Following the speech, Since invited the attendees to examine some of the products from the established designers on the Fashion crossover platform. Attendees had the privilege to physically on site examine some of the fine products which are also listed on the Fashion Crossover website.

Fashion Crossover has always been in active liaison with the educational sector. Because it is the core belief of this platform, that the fresh talented minds of today's graduates, will form the backbone of the fashion industry tomorrow. Through the continuous string of interactions, not only the students would benefit from receiving the latest update from the fashion industry, industry participants like Fashion Crossover, would also receive valuable feedback from the educational bodies with regards to the aspiration graduates possess when they leave the academy.

As an online service platform, Fashion Crossover has a full understanding of the hardship any designer would confront when they first start to develop their own brand, ranging from a lack of industry level contact, to a shortage of channels to market their end product. As such, Fashion Crossover has openly offered its Graduate Talent Programme, a scheme tailored for fresh graduates to display and market their products on its platform, completely free of charge. Joining the platform will allow new graduates' creations to receive direct online exposure, as well as cross over exposure as the site's target audiences search for designer products. It is through this healthy ecosystem of interaction, we look to maximise the potential of all our graduates, to secure the brand exposure and sales which the quality of their work deserves.

It is through these series of exchanges with various educational bodies, Fashion Crossover continues to nourish the talented young minds of this industry, who will inevitably become the foundation and pillars for the fashion industry of the future.