Faye Picknell’s graduate collection ‘Gloriously Vulgar’ was heavily influenced by her love of all things tacky and over the top. Faye embodies her collection in her everyday life with excessive gold jewellery, pink clothing and fur being her common fashion choices. Faye wanted to create a collection that completely reflected her personality and style with her collection being made predominately in shades of pink and gold. Her collection explored extreme lavish whilst burying vulgar prints in a combination of glorious fabrics, colours and jewels.

The basis of Faye’s collection is built from the definitions of vulgarity found in the Barbican’s exhibition book ‘The Vulgar: Fashion Redefined’ shown on Faye’s initial research page for her collection. Wherever possible, her collection aimed to showcase these definitions of vulgarity from her choice of colours and fabrics, to how she styled her collection with an excessive number of accessories and a gold shopping basket used as a handbag too small to actually fit anything in. It is how she has disguised her trashy prints in an abundance of shiny foil and silky fabric to create a gloriously fun and unique collection, closely resembled to her own style.

Faye’s style is very graphic with her prints being made up of solid line drawings layered to create busy over the top prints. Faye designs all her prints on photoshop in black and white first and then experiments with each print adding colour and playing with the scale. Faye’s collection is made up of digitally printed fabric layered with foil glue, which is screen printed over the top and then placed in the heat press roller to stick the adhesive foil. Predominately all of Faye’s prints were digitally printed on heavy silk viscose satin, however to print on fur Faye had to use the print technique digital dye sub.

This is Faye’s final collection line up; this is what she would have created if the corona virus had not changed 2020 final year students’ circumstances. Due to corona Faye has only created looks one and two of her collection. She had planned to create looks three and four out of predominately black velvet, screen printed gold to create a lavish yet tacky combination taking inspiration from the juicy tracksuit. Faye’s collection is displayed in doll like figures to help reinforce her theme ‘Gloriously Vulgar’.