Fei Fei Yang graduated from MA Menswear at London College of Fashion in 2014 after studying BA Womenswear. Soon after she launched FEI FEI YANG, her own menswear brand instilled with a concept of blurring traditional gender boundaries in fashion. Inspiration is derived from architecture, astrology, music and feminism. By creatively deconstructing traditional handicrafts and the heritage of bespoke menswear, she recreates the structures of garments in innovative ways for the modern man. Her bespoke garments have been worn by well known Chinese actors and singers.She has received extensive media coverage for her final design collection ’15 Degrees of Displacement’ and has been interviewed by magazines including Deux Hommes, Fashion London Milk X Monthly, BAZAAR Men’s Style.
With a background in tailoring, she is interested in the study of innovative pattern cutting and material exploration. Her design philosophy explores the relationship between space and the human body. The core of her design is innovative cut and material reconstruction. Using the principles of architecture as a starting point, Fei Fei Yang plays with the contrast between softness and hardness of form. Inspiration comes from traditional British menswear and Japanese geishas resulting in a combination of western elements and eastern spirit.