Borrowing the title of Hungarian textile artist Mariska Karasz’s 1959 seminal work, ‘Adventures in stitches’ I embark on an imaginary journey through my psyche with a cast of fantastical characters.

Moving back to my native Budapest during the global pandemic, I found myself living and working in a confined space with my family and spent time reflecting on my roots. Our family library served as my main source of research and I rediscovered the visual richness of my cultural heritage. From the flamboyant and opulent uniform of the Hungarian hussar through the anarchically layered creative mix of folk costumes to the 70’s modernist textile artists.

Each of the outfits represents a different archetype of the Hungarian soul. The lack of industrial equipment prompted me to develop my fabrics solely with my hands using craft techniques like weaving, hand knitting, crochet, and embroidery to achieve a gleefully offbeat twenty-first century collection.