For my final project I started to be really interested in the works of Hungarian female textile artist like Margit Szilvitszky and Mariska Kárász. In their work they put a huge emphasis on ornamentation and decoration using mix media techniques like embroidery, appliqué and beading. Their work look both naive and highly elaborate. I realised that in my final fabrics I want to channel this sensibility.

My Hungarian heritage is really strong in me, I always try to refer back to some aspect of it. It was fascninating to look at the visually rich uniform of the Hungarian hussars. These uniforms show lots of qualities that interest me for example the clashing textures of the felted uniforms with the metallic embroideries and ornaments.

My design process can be described by one word: spontaneity. I usually don’t have a rigid narrative for my work it is usually very emotional. I jump right into making mostly focusing on textures, colours and techniques. I find it important to soak up as many influences as possible while working on a project. Going to cultural events, museums and parties are a key part of this. Doing my final project during lockdown was mentally very challenging for me. The act of doing embroidery, appliqué and beading helped my mental health greatly.