With an eternal love for the dark, weird and wonderful avant-garde, Fia Jacobs is a recently graduated womenswear designer based in Brighton.

Until Summer 2020, when Fia was pursuing her BA in Fashion Design and Business studies at the University of Brighton, she had always been ultimately inspired by film and the likes of Tim Burton, Tim Walker and Nick Knight.

Fia Jacobs’ collections constantly push the boundaries between wearable art, fashion and costume. This collection does just that. The name of the collection; ‘Metempsychosis’; meaning the transmission of souls between bodies, was inspired by her own personal transition after leaving her family home at the age of 16 as a result of an abusive alcoholic mother. She has used a dark time of her life and has turned it into a beautifully conceptual collection. Fia hopes to inspire others to pursue their dreams even if that means walking that path alone.

Using the ideas of reincarnation, strength and power, Fia explored various different ways to display her concept such as layering, linking, constructing, stiffening, reinforcing and exploring large silhouettes giving the garments the sense of drama and intimidation. Her black and gold colour palette is derived from the jewellery worn by strong female Egyptian Pharaohs.