The making behind the beautiful shoes.

Fields of Gold artisanal shoes are born out of passion for travel. Turning local authentic handcrafts into fashion masterpieces. Fields of Gold represents unique eastern motives, combining tradition and innovation. Each pair are completely unique, with over 30 hours of hand embroidery followed by strict quality control.

The exclusive design features patterns of embroidery inspired by nature; bird's wings, gold grain and colourful flowers. Combining the elements of nature and architecture with different embroidery techniques creates Fields of Golds exquisite patterns.

The embroidered mules also take inspiration from Moroccan hand carved wooden doors and panels painted with bright colours, hand carved arabesque walls and Arab geometrically patterned mosaics.

For each pair of shoes, the hand embroidery takes more than 30 hours with each shoe unique in creation. Fields of Golf use only natural, luxurious materials; silks, cotton based velours and leather.

The artisan shoe brand combine different cultures to create their exclusive fashion masterpieces starting from Kazakhstan, passing to India and finally the finishing process is in Italy.

In addition to the hand craftsmanship, Fields of Gold focus on the importance of sustainability. Creating a special and beautiful packaging that should be kept and reused: remove the sticker, keep the box and re-use the paper to wrap the gifts.