Fiona’s graduate collection was inspired by the current urgency of the ongoing climate crisis merged with an exploration into the childhood she experienced alongside an evolving world. Using collage, clashing textures and bright colours, she created a whimsical yet politically motivated collection, while being environmentally low impact by up-cycling almost all of the materials used to create the garments; finding new life in old table cloths, discarded blouses and thrifted throws. Her prints narrate the understanding of climate catastrophe through the eyes of an inner child.

In the beginning stages of her design process, Fiona began by sourcing the majority of the collections materials from second hand shops or hoarding unusual garments or non fashion fabrics. This forced her to evolve and adapt her ideas and designs to the fabrics she already had, instead of picking and choosing the desired outcome. Her prints are a combination of hand collaged dye sublimation and screen printing; the collages often stretching more than 3 mitres long. Each garment is unique, the prints cannot be 100% perfectly recreated, which is what makes her process so valuable to the final outcome; every aspect of the making process runs with the theme: concious consumption.

From exploring and researching into how to create as environmentally concious collection as possible, the process took Fiona on a journey to being more free with her designing and printing. The collection is portraying chaos through clashing colours and textures while remaining playful with the childish oversized shapes of garments, evoking a feeling of light heartedness and a utopian, apocalyptic whimsy.