Engaging with this concept, Flora experimented with materials that restrict and cocoon the body, creating odd bodily forms that connect together. Inspiration for this project came from Man Ray’s oddity in his surrealist photography of the female form and Wilhelm Sasnal’s eerie, dramatic pink hue painting of photographers crowded over an unseen subject, seemingly consumed with the scene in front of them. This translates to being unwilling to show a body in its honest form, out of fear of judgement.

The aim of this collection was to explore the abnormalities within conventional clothing by using the body as a mannequin to wrap, restrict and expose the female form. Each outfit shows a developed representation of the progression of how the body can be exposed but simultaneously completely covered up.

Silicone is used as a sealant, but Flora has experimented with it ironically to make it become part of the structure and to cover what society claims is indecent. Selective colour highlights these areas further with the use of vibrant turquoise and crimson red, creating a focal point for each outfit. This collection is aimed towards young creative women who feel that freely exposing their body can lead to unnecessary judgement, resulting in personal scrutiny. The garments celebrate the female form whilst questioning what a conventional body type is, making the wearer feel empowered.