Foning Bao, 2019 graduated from Central Saint Martin fashion Knit based in London and China. As a sustainable knitwear designer, she restricted herself that only use fish skin and ‘fully fashion’ knit skill (knitting pattern shapes by machine instead of knitting a piece of fabric and then cut from it) to build her entire final collection. Zero fabric, zero cut and zero waste are the key points of her work.

The fish skin idea came from her hometown in China, an ethic group ‘HEZHE’ used fish skin to make their clothes for over hundreds of the years. She spent two weeks in 2018 summer with the people and learned fish skin craftsmanship from them. She decided to bring the fish skin ideas to her final collection and continue to develop the possibilities of it. Instead of produce the fish skin herself, she focuses on the studying ideas of how to use it in different methods, apart from making clothes, all her accessories are made by fish skin as well.