With a keen sence of blurring the lines between gendered jewellery, Francesca Rowland is a recently graduated jewellery designer based between Brighton and London.

Just Graduating in summer 2021, Francesca was studying a BA in Jewellery Design at Central Saint Martins with her projects mainly focusing around themes of gender and how to diss-gender certain stereotypes in jewellery.

Inspired by both the Renaissance and the gender-bending New Romantics, Francesca’s pieces explore the masculine and the feminine and how they are constructed through what we wear. Her collection resolves contrast through design, skilfully balancing between delicate interpretations of the pearl and a very different maritime object, the harsh and piercing fishhook. She boldly asks us to rethink our understanding of how the gem can be held and worn. A truly contemporary offering, her incisive fusion of these seemingly incongruous motifs speaks to the increasingly porous boundaries of gender in fashion.


Interpretative text by Saul Wickremasinghe, BA (Hons) Culture, Criticism and Curation.