Fredrik Möller´s collection was inspired by the world of business. 80´s Movies and 90´s casual wear with an idea of creating new characters with new silhouettes. Business professional meeting casual wear and a bunch of co-workers having a “Casual Friday”. Breaking down rules within the business world as well as the characters within.

Fredriks father has been working at a bank office for as long as he can remember. So, childhood memories have been a big part of the research and in creating his own characters. The feeling of the sterile office surroundings, the important look of the people working there and how uncomfortable a kid can feel in these surroundings not being able to play, speak loud or touch anything.

Building the characters was therefor rather simple. Photos of real people and clothes were put into a distortion filter in photoshop and then transfer-printed on polyester voilé and a stiffer monofilament polyester fabric.


Working with this 2D-3D approach in print made it possible to work in the same way with the clothes that were sewn for each character. There´s always a sense of flatness presented in each garment and Fredrik has put a lot of effort in designing something flat into 3D. New ways of constructing and new ways of combining were of big importance.