Freyja is a designer passionate about creating sustainably implementing the circular economy within her designs, from re-purposing construction waste to using food waste as natural dye all aspects within project ‘Modular Regeneration’ are sustainable and consider our cities current environments.

During her time at Central Saint Martins, conscious design has always been a focal point of each project, aiming to create textiles which react to the surrounding environment they are placed within, considering how modern regeneration can be improved for future living within cities.

Freyja’s major project ‘Modular Regeneration’ incorporates themes of sustainability as well as environmental design, she has created connecting tiled pieces which bring an element of playfulness with the ability to mix and match pattern and colour to create unique environments for multiple interior settings. With her use of the circular economy for textile surfaces she tackles the issue of regeneration within the city of London, considering materials with low Co2 emissions, natural dye from food waste, low impact print using laser etching and using a Co2 absorbing paint provided by Airlite, combining the use of pattern and design with practicality. Her collection holds a strong sense of colour with bold etched lines with the connecting tiles creating an overall interlocking and intricate pattern creating a range of products for interiors.