Gabriela's collection is inspired by Ecuadorian indigenous people, her work focuses on symbols that have been inspired by nature and its surroundings. She has created symbols from her drawings to contrast her hometown Ecuador (Cayambe) and London (Battersea Reach) where she lives nearby. She grew up surrounded by mountains and nature until she moved to London in 2004, she noticed a big difference in culture and between Ecuadorian landscapes and London skylines. Gabriela has used specific machine techniques to express the patterns and symbols of her inspiration from Ecuador and London. Fringing using popcorn kernels/ kidney beans, hand embroidery and couching are off machine techniques that she has incorporated into her fabrics.

Gabriela has used a range of yarns with various textures such as wool, bamboo, silk, linen, alpaca and cotton. She has naturally dyed yarns using cochineal, annatto, indigo, turmeric, mustard, fustic chips, walnut husk, marigold and brazilwood. She decided to use a mixture of natural and unnatural dyed yarns as she aimed to contrast both whilst also using upcycled yarns and including lurex, raffia and monofilament.

Gabriela has experimented with trapping legumes, yarn, cardboard, paint and natural dyes to create resin beads to embellish onto her fabrics. Gabriela experimented with natural dyeing butter beans as each bean would have a different tone that would make them unique. She used indigo, annatto, cochineal, brazilwood and sticklac to dye the beans; she used one tablespoon of each dye and left them to soak in the cold-water dye for 6-7 days until she achieved an intense hue on the beans. Once the beans were thoroughly dried, she used resin to coat the beans for a durable and glossy finish. She has hand-paint the symbols created from her drawings onto the butter beans and chickpeas as she wanted to personalise with a different symbol on each butter bean.

Gabriela aimed to achieve a womenswear collection with a unisex fabric that can be worn in multiple ways, some of her designs also include multi-functional shoulder straps.