Gabrielle Popadenis’ graduate collection ‘JUST ONE OF THE LADS’ was inspired by feeling uncomfortable in male dominated environments and feeling like you have to change the way you dress and or act in order to fit in to these environments to become ‘JUST ONE OF THE LADS.’ The collection features silhouettes based on masculine past times such as rugby taking influence also from typically masculine clothing such as the suit and turning these silhouette on their head by adding a feminine flare, dissolving the idea you have to dress a certain way to fit into these environments and subverting the gender stereotypes in these type of situations.

Researching in to vintage rugby shirts Gabrielle Popadenis took inspiration for the block colour palette of her collection and the graphic number print on the back of her looks. She also took silhouette inspiration from rugby tops and suit shirts taking parts away and adding many frills ,gathers and ruffles to soften the usually harsh silhouettes of these garments and make them more feminine.

After the design phase of the project Gabrielle begin to toile her collection in half scale. Due to the pandemic access to the studio at university was unavailable so pattern cutting in half scale was a lot more manageable when making a collection from her bedroom. Once the patterns were finalised they were then scaled up digitally to full scale so she was able to complete her looks in full scale in final fabric.

This is Gabrielles final collection line up. Due to the corona virus pandemic, Gabrielle was only able to create looks one and two of her collection, and would off loved to see the rest of her collection come to life. The rest of the collection would of predominately be constructed out of cotton poplin with knitwear and waterproof elements.