Taking inspirations from the resilience culture, life on another planet and retro garments. The brand ‘SERENDPTY’ was created with an ethos to stay adventurous every day. With research in cyberpunk and steampunk, a resort collection’ FIND THE RABBIT’ was designed with a commercial and a conceptual lineup. A set of branding was also designed including logo, packaging and launch.

The colour combination and the silhouettes were firstly inspired by the retro poster arts, Wed Anderson’s works and surrealistic artists such as Daisuke Yokota. Bright colours, tie-dye prints and Edwardian clothing are explored further in the phase of design development. Photoshop, paint and ink were used to create the prints.

This resort collection of FIND THE RABBIT contains a conceptual and a commercial collection. A story was created to set the scene of this collection: a rabbit and a pigeon’s space adventure. Following the story, comics of the adventure were designed as the collection’s collective cards and a series of prints and illustrations were designed for garments and other products. Consumers are invited to find the rabbit on the garment and throughout the look book.