Geedanjana Inthirakumaran concept is about the effects of plastic pollution in the ocean, more specifically how it can mutate the wildlife negatively; as years go by and this kind of pollution carries on. Working in collaboration with the science department and textile workshop, at the university she has understood that it all starts with the cells that use the process of photosynthesis. Instead of absorbing light from the sun, they will instead absorb the toxic chemicals produced by the plastic which is blocking their light. These cells are the main inspiration for the development of her biodegradable textile pieces.

Geedanjana’s first piece showcases these cells which use the process of photosynthesis; the blues reflecting you of the natural aquatic colours of the ocean. Orange symbolises the mutation of cells; a harsh colour compared with the other. This shows the beginning stages as the cells absorbing toxic chemicals.

All of the pieces were made by moulding and manipulating the bioplastic over a mannequin and creating circular shapes to add texture. To create her patterns, she got a pipet to put the mixture into silicone trays, specifically for rounder shapes. She also had re-used some packaging Geedanjana found helpful like trays as well. Through her textiles, she wants to be able to spread awareness about environmental issues and that if we continue to pollute the ocean it will change be devastating for underwater life.