The Initial Inspiration is taken from the concept of visioning beauty of local nature. Gemma has been heavily inspired by the beauty of nature and gardens of North Yorkshire where she would often be infatuated by scenes when walking her dog or driving through the countryside. She recorded her findings with photographs and then later used them to develop her ideas in an tactile and illustrative way through drawing and experimentation with fabrics and textures. With a love for illustration and drawing , she decided to develop her design through textile crafting with her graduate thesis arguing the issues of mechanical takeover, which would take away a designers personal creativity and humane skill.

In the design development processes of the collection, intense experimentation and sampling was undertaken using the imagery of the local nature as a base of inspiration which then evolved into a series of crafting techniques. Impressions of the Vietnamese designer Nguyen Cong Tri have been considered in his use of colourful floral surface patterns placed onto minimalistic garments along with Alexander McQueen craft also being a source of inspiration who has formed highly textured medieval embroideries. Developments of the collection evolved with sampling of illustrative hand painting, hardworking, fabric overlay , fabric compositing and laser cutting.

Embellishments are combined with high end contemporary fashion including soft tailored silhouettes which have an exaggeration in shape and length. The statement garments featuring the crafted manipulations have been created as exclusive pieces with many hours of handwork involved in the design. The fabrics consist of a number of quality wool blends, with hints of embroidered organza and satin.