In the animal kingdom, predominantly, the male species is distinct in its bright colours and patterns - so why is this not the same for human?

Different butterfly species and their unique characteristics have influenced each design in this collection. Apexes of the butterflies wings including its structure and silhouette have been used to create a layered, overlapping element to the garments. The Memphis butterfly is unique in that the underside of its wings closely resemble as camouflage. This has been translated into a larger scale all over print for this trench coat.

Fine detailed embroidering has captured the delicacy of their wings and the ornate patterns have been highlighted through innovative, organic print designs. The Marcella butterfly, distinct in its appearance for the linear white stripes on the underside of its wings, has been the inspiration behind this modern twist on the classic menswear pinstripe shirt.

A successful partnership of bold masculinity and fragile felinity has been showcased in the combination of brightly coloured print designs, creative pattern cutting and intricate craftsmanship. Collectively, resulting in an overall unique collection.